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pregnant & parenting program

the challenge

Youth in foster care face significantly higher rates of adolescent pregnancy and parenting than their peers. Young mothers and fathers need proper support to manage the complex demands of parenthood while pursuing their own goals and staying on track in their education and career. This support is also crucial to prevent intergenerational system involvement.



what we're doing

We’re supporting and equipping young mothers and fathers with parenting and life skills through a specialized mentorship program. Throughout the duration of pregnancy and one year after, youth are matched with two mentors – a former foster youth peer mentor and an adult volunteer, both with parenting or childcare experience.


Through this dual support structure, young adults build their capacity as parents, develop a social support system, and access vital supplies and resources. Mentors offer emotional support, teach youth about prenatal and postpartum care, and help youth access resources to ensure housing and food security.

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