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Demontea is a recent Master’s graduate from the University of Southern California. Everything he does revolves around reforming the child welfare system and improving services for youth in care. This summer, Demontea was selected to intern with a U.S. Senator. He wrote and presented an original child welfare policy report to Congress and advocates from around the nation. Prior to that, he wrote his thesis on the challenges and experiences of former foster youth in graduate school.
When he was a teen, he authored, Raised from Scratch, an inspirational autobiography that documents his experiences in the foster care system and his quest for self-sufficiency. Demontea is an ardent speaker who has used his poetry, writing, and story-telling to inspire youth from similar backgrounds.
He was born and raised in Compton, California and is second to the youngest of twelve siblings.

Demontea’s dream is to see colleges become more accessible and equitable for foster youth, first generation, and low-income college students. He currently works at Cal State Los Angeles as a Resident Director, supporting more than 300 students. 

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