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A native of Johannesburg, South Africa, Errol arrived in LA as an ambitious 17-year-old. After graduating from college he began a 30-year long career in real estate. Currently, Partner and CEO at Miller & Desatnik Realty Corp., Errol specialize in residential income property with a focus on Westside apartment sales and development.









In addition to serving as Chair of Stepping Forward LA’s Advisory Council, he is also a board member for Wolf Connection.  Errol is drawn to the similarity between the young adults he mentors and the wolves. He comments that for many of Los Angeles’ foster youth, the opportunity for self-insight and empowerment does not exist. And in many cases, they struggle to step out from the stereotype that society places on them. Errol is honored to have this opportunity to expand his work with young adults and Wolf Connection.

Growing up in South Africa, Errol witnessed extreme inequality in the era of apartheid which informed his commitment to mentoring young adults coming out of the Los Angeles child welfare system. Errol is a founding member of Stepping Forward LA that offers support to teenage foster youth as well as transition-aged youth who have very little or no family support, poor schooling, and few life skills. Through his involvement with this program since 2009, Errol has had the opportunity to work with and learn from the many young adults he has mentored over the years. 

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