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Year in Review

At Stepping Forward LA, our mission is to empower youth aging out of the foster care system to transition successfully to adulthood and reach their fullest potential.


Like so many of our peers, 2020 tested our resilience. But we didn't just adapt – we innovated. We grew our programming, budget, partnerships, and commitment.


Now, we're stronger than ever.




We raised $170K online, exceeding our $100K campaign goal. We gained new partners, including several schools, and raised funds for our exciting new initiatives.



In response to the pandemic and other needs faced by young adults, we developed a set of integrated initiatives and partnerships to guide programming in 2021 and beyond.


We opened up avenues to reach youth in all segments of the foster care system, including foster family, kin and extended family, and guardian arrangements. 



With support from the Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation, we developed processes to support and sustain our growing volunteer base. We enhanced data tracking, developed online training, diversified volunteer roles, and personalized the recruitment process.


We built a strong technology infrastructure – including a mobile app, internal evaluation database, and online trainings – to sustain virtual programming for years to come.


We established new partnerships with Antioch University, Cal State Los Angeles, and UCLA, engaging graduate students who are helping create curricula and program evaluation systems for our new initiatives. 



We grew our team, bringing on new staff, hiring 10 former foster youth interns, and engaging a developer to bring our mobile app to life. 



Last but not least, our staff assumed significant expansion in their responsibilities, demonstrating resilience in the face of so many challenges this year. Because of them, we stayed consistent for the young adults we serve.


We raised $382,133 from the following sources: 


Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 11.25.41
Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 3.26.40 PM.png

85% of funds raised went directly

to programs for young adults.

Funds allowed us to address their immediate needs, while strengthening our operations and building new systems for long-term success.​

Responding to the Pandemic

While sustaining essential 1-1 support to current and former foster youth during this difficult time, we also:

Pivoted quickly to address immediate needs by:

  • Building a virtual infrastructure and adapting programs to ensure the health and safety of youth and volunteers 

  • Repurposing office space to provide a drop-in center for youth 

  • Delivering resources, food, activities, and other essential items 

  • Visiting and delivering personalized holiday gifts to every young adult in our programs

  • Establishing new partnerships to improve and expand our services 

Adjusted our budget accordingly by:

  • Shifting funding to address emergency needs 

  • Increasing financial support for students by providing textbooks, laptops, technology, scholarships, and other essential items 

  • Reducing office space and overhead, setting up our staff with home office environments 

"I couldn't be more thankful to SFLA. I can't even remember the last time I received a gift for Christmas. Your kindness is unparalleled and will always be remembered in my heart. I look forward to a new year stepping forward with such incredible people by my side."

– Donta, young adult


More than just respond, we developed sustainable solutions.

Adapting quickly to meet urgent needs was important, but we didn't stop there. As everything changed in our environment, we focused inward and leveraged the strength of our vibrant community to reassess and think big picture. 


Integrating the feedback and perspectives of our young adults, we developed a new service delivery model that makes us more sustainable in the face of external shifts, while providing opportunities to scale efficiently.


With several new initiatives, including a new mobile app and virtual community, we're ready for the next chapter.

Program Accomplishments

& New Initiatives

OH move in .png

In a new partnership with Los Angeles Room & Board, we welcomed the first 20 residents of the newly opened Opportunity House, a supportive living community for formerly foster and/or homeless students attending community college.


Read more about our initiative (link to website)

We hired and trained 10 exceptional Opportunity House students for a paid internship. 

Informed by their own experiences with the foster care system, interns designed the framework and details of our new mobile app.


More than simply connect youth to resources, the app provides a robust library of educational video content – eventually produced by former foster youth themselves – that gives youth the tools to build self-sufficiency as they move into adulthood.

OH interns .png

This app will function as our primary vehicle for service delivery moving forward. 

Allowing us to reach a greater number of youth, it puts the power directly in their hands to chart their own course. With guidance from our ever-growing community of adult volunteers and former foster youth, we'll be developing young leaders.

Read more & donate here.

In response to a growing need, we launched a support program for pregnant and parenting young women, engaging 18 moms in just a few months.


We're expanding to reach 50 during 2021.




Read more & donate here.

Man Carrying Child in Arms

We took our traditional group mentoring model to a new level, expanding our menu of volunteer experiences to match these new initiatives.


Volunteers delivered skill building workshops, engaged youth in healthy relationships, led social activities, and so much more.

Our volunteer program expansion was made possible through our partnership with Los Angeles Room & Board as well as generous funding from the Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation. 

Our Community

The individuals who made it all possible


Our staff were the stars of the show. They went above and beyond this year, making it possible for us to adapt and grow while staying lean.



Beth Ryan, Executive Director & Founder


Teffani Taylor, Program Coordinator


Tessani Taylor, Program Coordinator


Marvin Segundo, Program Associate


Sashauna Dent, Communication & Event Specialist


Rezi Perez, Event Associate

As everything shifted, our Board of Directors ramped up their time, energy, and commitment to our mission – including meeting online weekly during the pandemic to ensure we stayed strong.

We welcomed 2 new members who jumped in immediately and brought fresh energy and perspectives to the team.


Meet our amazing Board


With an incredible group of volunteers, we forged a new direction amidst so much uncertainty.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered with us in 2020:

Kim Airs

Kristen Bennett

Nick Bennett

Alex Berry

Hillary Bratton

Brawerman Elementary School West (3rd grade students)

Pat Conlon

Michelle Costa

Rebeca Diaz

James Finn

LeMar Fooks

Dora Fourcade

Shannon and Stephen Gabor

Charlie Gallagher

Rhonda Glover

Lianne Goldsmith

Delayna Harris

Olivia Jackson

Yasmin Kayiran

Katie Jones

Lauren Kezon

Jill Lawrence 

Lena (Doula)

Alexis Lerner

Angie Malaier

Carol Massenburg

Ian McIlvaine

Dale Miller 

Tammy Morales 

Priscilla Morris

Pam Pacht

Emma Pastore

Beth Portello 

Amy Price

Rudy Ramirez 

Lindsay Rice

Jeremy Richards 

Jackie Rose

Susana Salazar 

Dana Sigoloff 

Brandon Simpson 

Sandy Spallino

Briana Spencer 

Errol Spiro 

Doug Stanger

Heather Stein

Wyatt Stein

Susan Stremble

Zoe Tambling 

Brooke Taylor 

Demontae Thompson 

Erik Trujillo

Belinda Waymouth

Beth Kennedy Will 

Markease Williams

Drew Wilson 

Nicky Wilson 

Windward Middle School (7th and 8th grade students)

Gabe Woullard




Jamie Lehman, Jo Pessin and all For Goodness Cakes volunteer bakers

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 6.37.36 PM.png

"To all the volunteers – thank you so, so much for everything you have done – for helping us find jobs, tutoring, all the resources, and any other way that we need you...You're always making everyone's day so much brighter."



– Kiana, young adult

Our Partners

With financial and other support, partners enabled us to weather the storm.

Foundation partners provided grants to fund our operations, new initiatives, and organizational enhancements.


We welcomed 8 new* foundation partners in 2020.

Allen Sackler Family Fund*

Carl and Roberta Deutsch Foundation

Carol Moss Foundation*

Colin Higgins Foundation

Elizabeth Hurlock Beckman Fund*

GO Campaign

Goldhirsh Foundation*

Jewish Community Foundation

LA COVID-19 Relief Fund*

Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation*

Rotary Club of Los Angeles*

Sam Simon Charitable Giving Foundation*

Sheila Dave and Sherry Gold Foundation

S. Mark Taper Foundation

Program partners helped us reach more young adults, deliver new services, and strengthen our programs and processes.


We welcomed 7 new* program partners in 2020.

Antioch University

A Sense of Home

Cal State Los Angeles*

Court Appointed Special Advocates

Edelman Children's Court*

Los Angeles Room and Board*

Ready to Succeed LA*

Safe Place for Youth

Sheehan Adopt a Family Project*


Vista del Mar Child and Family Services

W Girls LA*

Every single dollar given by our individual donors made an impact. 


Jen and Tim Hart

Jill and Paul Koplin

Dale Miller

Joyce and Jeremy Richards

Errol Spiro

Sylvie Taylor


Cathy Deely

Sandra Devereaux

Dora Fourcade

Sally Fullman

Shannon and Stephen Gabor

Susannah and Chris Henrikson

Anya Kaats

Susan Lusk

Julie Miller

Jessica and Josh Nadel

Crystal Paul

Jane Philport

Daniela Roveda

Christopher Ryan

Julie Ryan

Allen Sackler

Melissa Sheehan Clarkson

Dana and Stephen Sigoloff

Sandy Spallino

Gwen Swinarton

Beth and Eddy Will

Harriet Zaretsky and Steve Henry


Aileen Barry

Clare and Chuck Conlon

Pat Conlon

Michelle Costa

Brooke Crane

James DuMont

Steven Edouard

Heather Entis

Hydee Feldstein

Linda Finnell

Patricia Garrett

Jeff Gold

Susie and Bruce Goren

Gaby and Rob Greenberg

Nicholle Hart

Shane Heath

Justin Howell

Marla and Michael Kantor

Yasmin Kayiran

Lauren Kezon

Tracy Kezon

Katherine Krug

Ana Lerner

Robert Lurie

Miriam Manning

Kathleen McGillivray

Pam Pacht

Thomas Panizza

Jonathan Philport

Keith Puro

Jeffrey Seely

Jonathan Shigematsu

Alex Sigoloff

David Sillman

Corey Silverman-Lloyd

John Sonego

Briana Spencer

Doug Stanger

Lisa Stern

Brianne Trosie

Chuck Watterson

Andrea Weinstein

Austin Willis


Melanie Arias

Elizabeth Bennett

Laura Bennett

Kim Bojkovsky

Denise Cabrera

Beth Conlon

Molly Conlon

Helen Costigan

Nicole Evangelista

Carol Goldberg

Peter Hart

Laura Higgins

Barbara Hoffman

Victor Jaccarino

Chris Kezon

Amanda King

Matthew Laemmli

Tara Lewis

Kevin Lyngholm

Gayle Payne

Joan Prescott

Leah Rosin

Julie Schneider

Arlie Schrantz

Shana Sharp

Ray and Nola Spiro

Beth Stebe

Lee Tenerowicz

Mallory Warner

Susan Watkins

Patricia Zielinski

Key Lessons & Takeaways

We learned how to leverage our strengths.

We developed ways to sustain the best features of our traditional programming, while adapting new formats that help young adults address their needs even when we can't support them face to face.


Embodying our philosophy that youth deserve to be empowered as the key decision-makers in their lives, our new app and virtual community will give even more agency to youth to engage with our resources, team, and community on their own time, wherever they are. 

We learned how to quickly develop responsive initiatives

We tapped the experience and expertise of our staff, young adults, and community to design and develop new partnerships and programming in light of external shifts. We now have a solid framework for doing this whenever we need or choose to pivot in the future.

We learned new ways to build capacity and increase organizational resilience. 

We learned how to host a successful online fundraiser, how to utilize new technologies, and we refined our internal practices to better support organizational needs. We converted Advisory Council update meetings to be more interactive "working meetings" to optimize their time together, and leveraged the incredible power of our volunteer community in ways not previously possible. 

As a result, we'll serve a greater number of youth, in a wider array of environments, going forward. 

Our traditional, in-person program model had limited potential for growth without significantly expanding our operations. Now, with a strong foundation for virtual services, we are equipped with a sustainable way to reach more youth in all areas of the foster care system. 

Thank You 

to everyone who rose to the challenge with us. 

What we accomplished in 2020 will sustain us well into the future. 



Contact Beth Ryan

(310) 270-3466

Become a volunteer.

Contact Jane Modoono

(310) 270-3466


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